My grandfather alwasy was saying: "It’s a sin to throw away the skin taken from the dead animal, be it a successful hunting trophy, or a domestic sheep," At all times and among all peoples, leather served as the basic material for clothing and footwear. The ways of its manufacture were different and sometimes quite … Продолжить чтение SKINING IN GAGAUZIA

Gagauzian Folk arts and crafts

CARPET WEAVING The history of Gagauz carpet weaving has very deep roots. It is known that this occupation was well developed among the nomadic Turkic tribes, and, according to some scholars, it was they who brought this ancient folk craft to Europe. The similarity of pictorial motifs led scientists to believe that the carpet patterns … Продолжить чтение Gagauzian Folk arts and crafts

Taste a piece of Gagauzia

In the folk cuisine of sedentary Gagauz, many traits of nomadic life are traced (in special processing of milk, storage of meat, cottage cheese, cheese in the skin, etc.). Bread occupied an important place in nutrition. Popular cakes, including puff with cheese (kiirma), peppered sauces (manja), aspic.  It is characterized by the prevalence of high-calorie … Продолжить чтение Taste a piece of Gagauzia

Endangered wooden birds of Gagauzia

Beshalma village Windmill  A windmill is an environmentally friendly mechanism that generates energy from natural elements, in this case using wind energy. Wind energy is the converted energy of solar radiation, and while the sun is shining, the winds will also blow. Thus, the wind is also a renewable source of energy. People use wind … Продолжить чтение Endangered wooden birds of Gagauzia

Want to Know More About Gagauz Culture? Go to a Museum!

Author: Andreas Korsholm Sørensen If you are going to Gagauzia and would like to know more about regional culture, a museum is an excellent starting point. So, in this post you will get a short introduction to the most important museums in region where you can learn more about the history and traditions of Gagauzia. … Продолжить чтение Want to Know More About Gagauz Culture? Go to a Museum!

Hederlez 2019: Old traditions with a modern twist

Author: Alla Buuk On May 5th, the national holiday Hederlez was celebrated in Gagauzia. Large-scale celebrations, in line with long-held tradition, were held in Ceadir-Lunga at the At-Prolin horse farm. The festival was attended by residents of Gagauzia, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova, as well as guests and tourists from different parts of … Продолжить чтение Hederlez 2019: Old traditions with a modern twist

From Ukraine to Gagauzia: when you have something to discuss

Author: Marinel Kuznetsova We recently visited Gagauzia as part of a cultural and educational group tour with local youth organisations. Our wider trip’s objective had been to observe the day-to-day workings of the public sector throughout Moldova, and as such we simply could not miss an opportunity to visit the autonomous region of Gagauzia. Moreover, … Продолжить чтение From Ukraine to Gagauzia: when you have something to discuss

Mountain-spotting in Gagauzia

Author: Dmitrii Ianul The only place where you can see real mountains in Gagauzia is the Vulcanesti region. On days with good, clear weather in the southern villages of Cishmichioi and Etulia, right down near the Ukrainian and Romanian borders, there is a beautiful view of the Northern Dobruja massif. The Northern Dobruja massif is … Продолжить чтение Mountain-spotting in Gagauzia