Taste a piece of Gagauzia

In the folk cuisine of sedentary Gagauz, many traits of nomadic life are traced (in special processing of milk, storage of meat, cottage cheese, cheese in the skin, etc.). Bread occupied an important place in nutrition. Popular cakes, including puff with cheese (kiirma), peppered sauces (manja), aspic.

 It is characterized by the prevalence of high-calorie meat dishes and dough, hot sauces (manja), the extensive use of hot red pepper, and various spices. In each family, powder and paste (dumati) are made from sweet and hot red pepper and (gogoshars), which serve as seasoning for the first and second courses. Salts must be served to the table.


This is a vitamin-herbal mixture. It is ubiquitous in the culinary tradition of Budjak. Culinary application of myrdi is quite wide. It can be added to the meat, a few minutes before the end of the quenching, in a bowl of soup, in a salad or on chopped cheese. But the most common use of myrdi is as corny as the world — they just sprinkle bread on it and eat it that way.

 We take a slice of shop bread and fry it on a grill pan for several minutes on each side. Then we grease it with butter or pour it with good olive oil, after which we sprinkle myrdi plentifully. A world snack under a glass of raki or a glass of good wine is ready.

Of course, myrdia is a storehouse of vitamins. Old men say that regular use of myrdi saves strength. Any useful force. Murdi can be bought in the urban bazaars of the Gagauzians bazars.


 For several centuries the peoples of the Balkans adopted from Ottoman yoke, not only the culinary traditions of the Turkish conquerors but also the names of some dishes. Perhaps one of the most melodious is «gözleme».

 Gözlemä is diverse — rather, it is a cake made from the finest yeast dough, fried in a large amount of vegetable oil. In its form, such gözleme is close enough to the Tatar cheburek and in fact is the sister of the Bulgarian mekitsi, which can be translated as “soft”, “airy”.

 In the South of Moldova, gozlemea is included in the daily diet of many families. They can have a full breakfast, give the children to school or get her husband to work in the field. Not less respect is shown by the gözlemea as an independent snack for the tart southern wine.


Her ancestors and keepers of the traditions of cooking are considered to be shepherds. With the onset of spring, they for weeks and even months led herds of hundreds of sheep to mountain pastures, since the Balkans are famous for their meadows. To recuperate after the daily multikilometer transitions and evening milking of sheep, rich and high-calorie food was required, which could be prepared for future use. It was the kavurma that became the dish that could meet these requests.


This is a very popular dish in the Gagauzia. There are a lot of options for cooking of Manja. It can be meat or vegetable. This is thick vegetable soup or sauce.

Manja, this is not a specific recipe of a dish with certain ingredients, which consists of eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. The most common dish of southern Bessarabia. In its significance, it is the same national cultural symbol of the cuisine of the Bulgarians and Gagauz, as pilaf for Uzbeks or pizza for Italians. The dish is very fragrant, colorful, nourishing, despite the fact that it is vegetarian.


Baked cake on the unleavened dough with cottage cheese and poured with sour cream. Forms a crust, a dish and served hot and cold. Getting ready for the forgiveness of Sunday. From drinks, it is fruit compotes and the final hot pepper wine.

Discover the secrets of Gagauz cuisine. Diversity is the best friend of a good housewife!

Author: Ivan Ivancev. Photos are from different internet souces.

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