My grandfather alwasy was saying: "It’s a sin to throw away the skin taken from the dead animal, be it a successful hunting trophy, or a domestic sheep," At all times and among all peoples, leather served as the basic material for clothing and footwear. The ways of its manufacture were different and sometimes quite … Продолжить чтение SKINING IN GAGAUZIA

Taste a piece of Gagauzia

In the folk cuisine of sedentary Gagauz, many traits of nomadic life are traced (in special processing of milk, storage of meat, cottage cheese, cheese in the skin, etc.). Bread occupied an important place in nutrition. Popular cakes, including puff with cheese (kiirma), peppered sauces (manja), aspic.  It is characterized by the prevalence of high-calorie … Продолжить чтение Taste a piece of Gagauzia